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nice. even though I think those are some ugly colors.

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23:42:30 // 5/17/02

Linux is my main hobby. Most of what I do in the digital world revolves around Linux. The projects I work on, the support I give, the friends I have, all pertain to Linux. If you don't know what Linux is, do a bit of digging. Google is one of the best search engines out there, and can tell you a lot about Linux.

Red Hat: Red Hat is the Linux distro that I use mainly. I have tried many, and I just like Red Hat. You can usually find me in the Red Hat IRC channels, #redhat and #redhat-users on the OPN irc network. (

LinuxJunior: is a web community for budding Linux users. I moderate the forums there and offer help/support to the community found within. Stop by, stay a while...

LinuxJournal: is the website for the LinuxJournal magazine. Great info here.

The Linux Documentation Project: TLDP holds a TON of documentation for Linux users and abusers. There are even some heafty book like manuals available for free download.

LinuxCommand: is a GREAT site to give new Linux users a walkthough to the command line. Linuxcommand also has most the system MAN pages in html format for easy reading. A must visit for anybody new or rusty to the Linux command line.

want your site added? drop me a line,

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