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Wed 3/27 .:· wanker
something somebody said
Tue 3/26 .:· ender
blah blah blah
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blah blah blah
Fri 5/17 .:· soren
nice. even though I think those are some ugly colors.

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23:47:51 // 5/21/02

yoda (main workstation): AMD Thunderbird 1.33ghz, 720megs DDR2100, Nvidia Geforce3 Ti200, 16x Pioneer DVD rom, 36x24x48x CyberDrive CD-RW, 20gig Quantum 7200rpm ATA100 drive, 80gig Seagate 7200rpm ATA100 drive, Creative SB Live Platinum, Intel pro100+ NIC, Red Hat Linux 8.0

anakin (server): AMD Duron 900, 512megs PC133, 20gig Maxtor 20gig 7200rpm ATA66 drive, Realtek embedded NIC, embedded video, Red Hat Linux 7.2

obi-wan (laptop): Intel Pentium III 500, 512M PC100, ATI Rage Mobility, 20gig IBM drive, Various Operating Systems (test box)

mace (workstation): AMD Duron 600, 292megs PC100, Voodoo3 3000 AGP, 24x CD-ROM, 6gig Maxtor drive, 4gig Maxtor drive, Linksys 10/100 NIC, Various Operating Systems (test box)

want a custom built system with Linux? drop me a line,

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